“Aryavart:” The land of peoples having the words and deeds in perfect unison, as the Sanskrit words implies, is not a mere name but a deep rooted ideology making us deliver our promises. Here the philosophy is to achieve industrial leadership through the means of improvements by innovations and providing cost effective solutions to customer’s requirements.

The best quality materials kept on receiving the customer support which made Aryavart to expand the facilities continuously to level which we are at now. Steadily a 12000MT P.A. production capacity paint drier plant was installed at Jalgaon which got attention of several international magazines because of its state of the art technical facilities.

In 1985 a new business venture of PVC Stabilizer was incorporated in Aryavart’s portfolio with the launch of INSTABEX® IC, a Lead stabilizer in liquid form for the first time in India. In 1993 an ultra-modern plant at Jalgaon Maharashtra was fabricated to produce lead based powder stabilizers. Based on the consumer needs we started to work on one-pack stabilizers and in 1994-95 first commercially successful one-pack stabilizer INSTABEX C3 was launched.

Aryavart kept on innovating and diversifying range of products with INSTABEX C2 is stilltly being the number 1 brand and other semi lube stabilizers confirming the international standards. In 1997 Aryavart became the first manufacturing plant to attain ISO 9002. Since then we have worked continuously at expanding and improving the products range and now our range covers all the mix metals. Aryavart also certified as Star export House in 2010 , a feather in the cap of Aryavart

  • Vision & Mission:

    The continuous commitment to provide excellent services and advanced technological implementations from time to time have made Aryavart, one of the most reasonably priced products manufacturer. Future plans are to incorporate products of paper and petrochemical industries and to enhance the global presence to sell the products in major world markets.

our strength


Our powders & solids
lubricates polymers &
our liquids dries
the world colours


We have world
class scale to produce
around 25 k tons of


Our tailor made rubber & plastic additives provides solutions to complex processing and lubrication requirements


We provide world class
pre & post sales service
to our customers